Rookiepencil was founded by two 15 year old Ghanaian boys who had a dream to create a new genre for African storytelling and set out to do so. Before entering SHS Setum Arkoli and Kevin Anamoah-Sampong had created an organization with fellow like minded individuals who they hoped would help spread their message and aid their cause. They dubbed their organization Blackstarrarts. Upon entering SHS it had transformed into a club where individuals with similar talents and passions could converge, learn from each other and interact while working on projects they hoped would help them spread their message and accomplish their mission.Since then the club has grown from only Five members to numerous mostly coming from St Thomas Aquinas, Kevin’s SHS where he leads the club as its outgoing president and Archimota Senior Secondary where Sese has his own faction.


Rookiepencil’s main objective is to inspire and motivate the African youth to better their world ,on a continent plagued by corruption and ingenuity the pencilers hope to change the perspective of the African youth towards their continent and culture through fantastical stories and characters they hope will inspire them to alter their world for the better