Two boys, five pursuers. The ground is muddy, the air cold. Death is knocking and they can hear it. For the two youngsters there is no hope of escape ,yet they still can’t help but run.Their pursuers are relentless and why wouldn’t they be? Failure to capture their prey would mean their inevitable deaths.

There will be no mercy, only consequence.  “Tei, you’ll have to leave me.” One of the youngsters falls to the ground. The mud splashes unto his face and his shirts red color is defiled by thick brown pigment. He is exhausted and can run no further.

      His companion halts his movement. He returns to aid his falling friend.”Kwame we can’t stay here, they are coming”, but Kwame is worn out. He has gone as  far as he possibly can. They can hear their pursuers getting closer.

Tei looks down at his friend. It’s a wretched scene as the young boy lies nearly lifeless in the mud.He has lost all hope and has forsaken any chances of living, but Tei will not leave him to this cruel fate. “Get up”  he says , as he carries his friend.

“Tei, stop it…we’re not going to make it” Kwame announces, but his friend pays no heed. He still believes there is a chance. In an uncanny feat of strength he actually manages to move his legs and begins to run with his friend on his back.

He is also exhausted and has been running for quite a while now. Kwame’s weight is not making things any easier but he refuses to let this be the end. Then as though things aren’t bad enough the downpour begins. It has been cloudy the whole day and he was praying it wouldn’t get to this.

The wind is merciless and as thunder and lightening dance through the skies , little drops of water batter his already bruised skin. He is soaking wet and he is cold. Kwame buries his face in Tei’s bushy hair. He grits his teeth as tears begin to stream down his soaked face.

The boys arrive at the end of a cliff. They know this place, it’s a very familiar location. The locals call it Devils Needle. It is ironic but this is where they first met. Tei would keep on running, but now there is no where to run. They are surrounded. The moment of reckoning has arrived.

Their pursuers are visibly frustrated , their prey didn’t make it easy and they could also do without the rain. A giant imposing figure steps out. The two boys are paralyzed with fear, they know this monster of a man all too well. The boys call him Seke, which literally means madness. His face is characterized by two long scars that ran across it forming an X.

His eyes are dark and cold, most of his skin is covered in scars and his fists covered in bandages. His sleeveless shirt displays just how enormous his muscles are and as already stated his height is enough to dwarf most men. He walks towards the boys. Tei puts Kwame down and in a moment of desperation attacks the monstrosity that is Seke. It’s a pathetic beat down.

As Seke continues to pummel Tei blow after blow, the poor boy sees his whole life flash before his eyes. He tries to land a blow or two but is usually thrown back down by a heavier blow. Then out of nowhere Kwame Strikes at Seke, a deadly mistake. Seke grabs him by the neck and carries him like a toy. He begins to strangle the poor boy. Slowly but surely the air leaves the boys lungs. He is suffocating and he is powerless to stop it.

Tei watches helpless from the ground. He attempts to get up but his body has reached it’s limit. He falls unto the ground and loses consciousness. In that span of time Seke finishes with Kwame and drops the boys lifeless corpse.

He returns to Tei and grabs his leg. He drags the boy towards the edge of Devil’s needle and throws him off the cliff. He watches as the boy falls into the river below and is washed away by the current. Thunder strikes and lightening crackles. The deed is done, their prey is finished.